At the Academy for Dementia Research and Education (ADRE Ltd), we support people in the early stages of dementia and their families and friends who are living in the communities of South Leicestershire and Northampton. Our aim is to offer support to help those affected by dementia to live independently for as long as possible.

ADRE’s team of qualified staff deliver individual and group activity programmes which are specifically designed to be fun, keep brains and bodies active, and improve self-confidence as part of a life long learning approach. We also host monthly workshops where carers can learn about how to support their loved ones.

Our House in Lutterworth provides a friendly, warm and safe space, where people with shared experiences can relax and feel supported. ADRE’s house also hosts a monthly specialist dementia Admiral Nurse Clinic as well as the Lutterworth Share and Care Group.

ADRE delivers Masterclasses and bespoke Tier 1 and 2 dementia training for organisations, businesses and the health and social care workforce. We also support real-world research into community-based interventions for people with the early stages of cognitive decline.

Covid 19 - All members and group activity participants will be asked to sanitise their hands on arrival and we ask everyone coming to Our House and to any Share and Care sessions to keep us informed if you, or anyone you live with/spend time with, test positive for Covid or any other infectious condition. Please do not attend sessions if you feel unwell and have symptoms of any infectious condition.


Our new building, named Our House by our members, acts as our Coffee Shop and wellbeing hub with space for Brain Gym sessions, small group activities, advice and guidance, offices and meetings. It provides a friendly warm and safe space, where people with shared experiences can relax and feel supported.

Having a home for our organisation has allowed us to develop our programme of activities to the benefit of all our members and carers and we look forward to improving our facilities over the next few years. We are located on the Lutterworth College site and work in partnership with the school to promote the life long learning opportunities for our members and the college students. Our House is supported by GLP Magna Park and during the COVID 19 pandemic we have been able to carry out some refurbishment with funding from a Harborough District Council grant.

Many of our smaller cognitive groups and social activities are run from this building while others are available from local community venues. Please check the timetable for information on all our activities. Please telephone if you would like to book a place or need more information.